BOF Account Checker

Hello, this page will allow you to enter your membership number and we can then check your account on BOF. We'll see if you already exist and if you do we'll tell you your username and password. If you don't already have an account with us we'll check your record in CARE, and if you have an appropriate role we'll make you a new BOF account immediately or we'll tell you why this isn't possible and what you can do about it.

The table below shows you which roles in CARE map to what permissions in the Branch Order Form:

Any Branch or PSA Area NCT Staff (U)
Any Branch within own Region Regional Coordinator (RO)
Own Branch only Branch Coordinator (BC), Branch Joint Coordinator (BCC), Branch Deputy Coordinator (BCV), Branch Interim Coordinator (BCI), Branch Treasurer (BT), Branch Deputy Treasurer (BTD)
Wishlist only Branch Team Volunteer (B), Branch Default Contact(B1), Branch Bumps and Babies Coord (BBC), Branch PSA Link (BBP), Branch Social/Diary Coordinator (BDC), Branch General Enquiries Contact (BE), Branch Caesarean Contact (BEC), Branch Home Birth Contact (BEH), Branch Fundraising Coordinator (BF), Branch Grants Coordinator(BFG), Branch Grants Fundraising Coordinator (BFGC), Branch Nearly New Sale Coord (BFN), Branch NNS Helper (BFNH), Branch Open House Host (BHH), Branch Lone Parents' Contact (BLP), Branch Membership Secretary (BM), Branch Newsletter Editor (BN), Branch Advertising (BNA), Branch Newsletter Team (BNT), Branch Parent Support Coord (BO), Branch Parent Support Team (BO2), Br Joint Parent Support Coord (BOJ), Branch Parent Support Team (BOT), Branch Publicity Officer (BP), Branch Premature Baby Contact (BPB), Branch Postnatal Depression Contact (BPD), Branch Fathers' Contact (BRF), Branch Maternity Services Rep (BRM), Branch Secretary (BS), Branch Specific Interest Other (BSIO), Branch Minutes Secretary (BSM), Branch Volunteer (BV), Branch Web Coordinator (BW), Branch Working Parents' Contact (BWP), Regional Committee Member (R), Regional Communication Officer (RCO), Regional Fundraiser (RF), Regional Trainer (RI), Regional Newsletter Reader (RN), Regional Local Area Rep (RRL), Regional Maternity Services Rep (RRM), Regional Treasurers Rep (RRT), Regional Secretary (RS), Regional Training Organiser (RTO), Regional Web Adviser (RW)